The Answer to all of your questions: The MicorMIG.

Material, process, industry? No matter! The MicorMIG can do it all.

Stainless steel, steel, or aluminium? MIG-MAG, TIG, or electrode welding? The MicorMIG has the right answer for any material and application. The easy-to-adjust arc and the available welding processes make the MicorMIG the all-rounder in your production.

It offers intuitive operation and a stable arc. It is efficient and always works just the way you need it to. It always has the right welding process at hand and is easy to upgrade – even to a pulse system.

The ultimate MicorMIG 400 action packs.

Maximum power at unbeatable prices.

„The MicorMIG of Lorch has convinced everyone from the technical manager to the welders."

Carsten Faber

Process engineer at Faymonville Group

MicorMIG: Operating a welding machine has never been easier!

For beginners and professionals.

Operating the MicorMIG could not be easier: thanks to the predefined Synergic welding programmes, once one welding parameter has been selected, all the others are set automatically. Combined with the MicorMIG's modern, dynamic control technology, operation is quickly understood and does not require any complex setting of parameters. This intuitive handling makes the MicorMIG popular with both professionals and beginners - simple, smart and no frills.

Only 3 steps to the perfect welding result:

  • Select material, wire and gas
  • Select process and 2-/4-step
  • Set parameters

... and deliver!

"No matter how fast or slow you weld: the weld seam fits! The MicorMIG welds superbly - in any position."

Jens Steinbach

Welding application specialist

Lorch Schweißtechnik

The heart of the performance: the stable and dynamically controlled arc of the MicorMIG.

This is how weld seams are produced.

The MicorMIG is the allrounder among welding machines - not the least because of its maximum welding performance. With the easy-to-adjust and robust arc of the MicorMIG, you achieve the highest quality results - for beginners and professionals alike.

The individually adjustable dynamics allow you to select your favourite arc setting - from hard to soft. This allows you to adjust the penetration and width of weld pool coverage as required.

In other words: Whether steel, stainless steel or aluminium, the MicorMIG can do it all and delivers perfect results.

Even for the really tough ones, always the right process - the Masters of Speed.

  • More speed
  • Deeper penetration
  • Better seam quality
  • Better weld appearance
  • Higher reliability of results due to maximum process control

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The MIG-MAG twin of the TIG weld seam. Maximum speed, beautiful weld seams - on Steel, Stainless steel or Aluminium.



Convinces with a particularly focused arc and a significantly higher power density.


Simple and reliable vertical welds without the need for weaving.

Safe and intelligent into the future.

With the NFC technology of the MicorMIG.

Upgrade system.

Remain flexible and future-proof thanks to NFC upgrades - processes and functions can be easily updated at a later date. This turns the MicorMIG into a pulse system in no time at all.

Manage access.

Ensure quality and guarantee security thanks to the NFC authorisation system - access and settings can be easily customised via NFC.

Save jobs.

Save and recall welding jobs easily thanks to NFC job cards - recall parameters in seconds on any MicorMIG machine.

Full flexibility for your future.

These are the updates of the MicorMIG.

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Why the MicorMIG is your perfect match?

  • Quick and easy operation
  • Stable, dynamically controlled arc
  • Future-proof thanks to simple NFC upgrades
  • Easy and affordable start into pulse welding

Hooked, but not quite convinced yet?

Then we have just the thing for you. Download our MicorMIG brochure and technical data sheets now and find out why our allrounder is made for you.

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